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Sewage treatment refers to the process of getting rid of contaminants, micro-organisms and other pollutants from waste water. The main objective of sewage treatment is to produce an effluent and a solid waste suitable for discharge into the natural environment. Depending on the size of the municipality in which the sewage treatment plant is located, it may be composed of mainly household sewage or it may be industrial waste water treatment as well. In Sewage waste water treatment, we will remove solid materials from the waste and next processes to break down dissolved nutrients and organic materials. Treatment of sewage or waste water protects public health and prevents pollution, disease as well as hazards from sewage contaminants. Gamyam Bio provides the best Sewage treatment products and services in Hyderabad. Sewage treatment process fall into two types: 1.Anaerobic sewage treatment process 2.Aerobic treatment process Anaerobic sewage treatment process: Sewage is partly decomposed by a…

Benefits of Waste Water Treatment

Historically society has shown a great lack of interest in the protection of the environment and water resources in particular. For years we were able to dump our wastes with little or no treatment back into the nearest water course. As long as there was enough dilution water, nature took care of our disposal problems. We have come to realise that treating our wastes properly not only protects the public’s health, it can also increase property value, protect wildlife and allow many recreational activities to be enjoyed on the water or in the surrounding environment Waste water is the water used by residences and commercial establishments that has become too polluted for further use. The combination between these different types of waste water causes the resulting waste water mix to contain both suspended and dissolved organic and inorganic substances such as carbohydrates, fats, soaps, synthetic detergents as well as various natural and synthetic organic chemicals. Benefits Of Waste Wat…

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BioBact is a leading Bio Organic Products Manufacturer In India. We at, Bio organic product manufacturer are assisted by highly qualified professionals and hence able to deliver the premium quality products to our customers at desire time of span. Our valuable clients can avail these bio organic products at affordable costs and in various kind of package option depends on client requirement. Gamyam Bio started out with the aim of providing eco-friendly and ecologically beneficial products to customers. We always pay utmost attention to maintaining global quality standards and best manufacturing practices. BioBact Products: Gamyam Bio initially specialised in bacterial products for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment. Over time Gamyam bio developed products and technologies to improve all types of waste water treatment, including Municipal Solid Waste Treatment, Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Lake Waste Water Treatment etc., Municipal Waste Water Treatment technologies include sludge re…